Over a quarter century ago, a dynamic visionary began manufacturing laboratory plastic products in a very modest way.
Today, the long-cherished dream has blossomed into a multi-million rupee enterprise: Kasablanka Corporation.
'' The man who forsaking all desires, goes
about without craving, free from
possessiveness, and pride, attains peace.''

Today, the company has its office in the commercial heart of Mumbai, and a streamlined production facility at Malad, a western suburb of the city. Not far from the factory is a well equipped R & D Center at Kandivili, which has been commendably designing and developing products on its own.

All development, manufacturing and marketing activity is handled by a team of highly proficient personnel. The R & D Center has successfully produced over 250 items of premium quality. Some of them have even earned the approval of ISO 9000 certified laboratories. Over the years, all these products have proved their worth with excellent performance.

Even high- technology products, like the Micro Pipette, has been designed and developed entirely in-house. The drive and dedication of the people, guided by the single principal of making products with high quality at an affordable price, has helped the company to gain strong foothold in the area of its business.

Now with an enviable roster of reputed customers, Kasablanka has gained a market share of over 40 percent, leading the company on a growth path.

Kasablanka products are also being exported to Southeast Asia, Australia, Austria, Israel, USA, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, East Africa and other Asian countries. Plans are afoot to introduce new products and meet the ever growing need for laboratory items in India and other countries around the world.

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