This is low cost ultimate in safety & praticle design. And is without stop cock. Body will not be affected with usual Desiccants. Top is of transparent Polycarbonate & bottom is Polypropylene.
 KC/011   Desiccator Vacuum
  R.M PC, PP
Dimensions in mm Case of
150 or 6" 1 pcs
200 or 8 " 1 pcs
250 or 10 " 1 pcs
300 or 12 " 1 pcs
 KC/071   Spare Stop Cock for Desiccator
  R.M P.P & PTFE
Fits all size of vacuum Desiccator.
Fits for Case of
6, 8, 10 & 12 inch 1 pcs

Vacuum Desiccators are made of Plastic, easy to handle & light weight. It can hold a vacuum of 290 Hg for minimum of 24 hrs. These are the safest and convenient Desiccators for holding vacuum, without grease causing any damage.

Thick walled hemisperical dome of transparent unbreakable Polycarbonate. A ribbed knob is provided for easy & convinient handling.

Heavy walled bottom with a flange havning a smooth internal groove which holds Silicone ‘O’ ring. The lower part is made of tough ivory coloured Polypropylene.

The 3 way Polypropylene stop cock has Teflon plunger which is ment for slow and gentle entrance of air to prevent damage of crucible. The port ends of stop cock fits 6.35mm. ID tube for Vacuum suction.

Ceramic coloured-Polypropylene, unbreakable, highly chip-resistant, impervious to most Acids & Alkalies. Smooth non-stick surface, numerous pores for air transfer. The Plate has a center hole for easy removal. Even though porelain plates are advisable to be used in case of incandescent crucible.



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