KC/029   Specimen Tube
  R.M. PS
With Press type cap Transparent, Non Autoclavable
Dimensions Case of
2" X 1" 50 pcs
3" X 1" 50 pcs
 KC/116   L-Shaped Spreaders
  R.M. ABS
Spreaders are sterile and its smoothness enables spreading of liquid
samples around the surface of petri plates without gashing or slashing
the medium.
Places Case of
L Spreader Pouch of 100 100 pcs
 KC/030  Syphon
Strong bellows, fine leak proof stop cock to dispense liquid, avoid spillage and burning problem. Acid alkali proof.
Description Case of
Medium 6 pcs
Big 6 pcs
 KC/031   Test Tube Stand
  R.M. P.P.
Description Case of
6 tubes 12 pcs
12 tubes 6 pcs


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