KC/097   Pasture Pipette
Capacity in ml Case of
3 100 pcs
 KC/112   PCR 8 Tubes Strip
  R.M. P.P.
This PCR 8 Tube Strips can be used in every 0.2 ml block regular and real time thermal cycler. see chart on page 26.
Capacity in ml Case of
0.2 100 pcs
 KC/115   Non Skirted thin wall PCR plates
  R.M. P.P.
As the name suggests, these 96 wells plates are Non-skirted, one can
easily cut it into two and make it 48 wells, or as desired can be easily cut into 16, 24 or 32, closures for the said plates are available (KC/113 & KC/114)
Places Case of
96 50 pcs
 KC/113   Optical Flat 8 Cap strip
  R.M. P.P.
This closures fits on 8 tubes strips of 0.2 ml for real time PCR, It can also be used for regular research and experiments. Its crystal clear material is performance wise as good as that of optical seals.
Fits for Case of
0.2 ml 100 pcs


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