KC/069   Micro Pipette
  R.M. ABS, P. P., S.S., Aluminium, Brass, PTFE Etc.
Fixed Volume
Capicity in ul Case of
5 ul 1 pcs
10 ul 1 pcs
20 ul 1 pcs
25 ul 1 pcs
50 ul 1 pcs
100 ul 1 pcs
200 ul 1 pcs
250 ul 1 pcs
500 ul 1 pcs
1000 ul 1 pcs

The drive and dedication of our people at Kasablanka, guide by the single principle of making products with high quality at an
affordable price, has helped us to gain strong foothold in the area of our business.

Today, with an enviable roster of reputed customer, we continue to meet the ever growing need for laboratory items in India and
other countries around the world.

Our well equipped R & D Centre has commendably designed and developed over 250 products of premium quality. Some of which
have earned the ISO 9000 approval. The high-technology Fixed Volume Micropipette has been designed and developed entirely

The Micro Pipette

Kasablank’s Fixed Volume Micropipette is made form superior quality, chemically inert plastic, specially designed range of micro
pipettes ideally suitable for education, medical research and industrial laboratories.

It is the ultimated in perfection. Each piece is calibrated individually and has to pass a stringent quality norms of testing & calibration,
Micro pipette can be idenified by its own certificate detailing its serial numbering imprined, accuracy & precision. This further
guarantees excellent performance on long run.

Kasablanka micro pipettes are tested on high precision analytical balance in a fully autyomated plant making it accurate & ideal for
laboratories carrying out repeatative pipetting. These micropipettes effectively dispense the solution upto the last microlitre.
And reverse pipetting too, is completely eliminated.

• Robust, light weight & sleek design for simple controls.
• Smooth plunger action.
• Compatible with wide range of Microtips.
• Wide range of fixed volumes.
• One year guarantee.

All that makes it easy for operation. The micropipette is available in capacities ranging from 5µl to 1000µl. Beside a wide range of
Tips and Accessories like ergonomically designed “pipette station” to hold micropipettes are also available.

Tip to be Used
F- 5 5 ± 2.0 1.0 yellow
F- 10 10 ± 1.5 1.0 yellow
F- 20 20     yellow
F- 25 25     yellow
F- 50 50   1.0 yellow
F- 100 100 ± 1.0   yellow
F- 200 200     yellow
F- 250 250     blue
F- 500 500     blue
F- 1000 1000     blue


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