KC/078   Separatory Funnel Graduated
  R.M. P.P., PTFE
With PTFE stop cock.
Capacity in ml Case of
100 2 pcs
250 2 pcs
500 2 pcs
 KC/089   Separatory Funnel Holder Single
  R.M. P.P.
Price per pcs. Case of
60.00 6 pcs
 KC/019   Kipps Apparatus
Capacity in ml Case of
250 1 pcs
500 1 pcs
1000 1 pcs
 KC/117   Loops (Sterile)
  R.M. - P.S.
Disposable loops are non-toxic and accurate to semi-quantitative
standard for managing sample. The surface is treated to augment bond of droplets.
Capacity in ul Case of
Soft Loop 1 ul 100 pcs
Soft Loop 10 ul 100 pcs
Innoculation Needle 100 pcs


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