KC/005   Micro Tube Rack
  R.M. P.C.

Racks are autoclavable & have alpha-numeric identification

Places Case of
24 1.5ml MCT
2 pcs
 KC/006   Micro Tube Rack Poly Netted
  R.M. PP

2 Tier Racks are autoclavable with alpha-Numeric identification.

Places Case of
100 1.5ml MCT 2 pcs



 KC/010  Test Tube Baskets
  R.M. PP

With built in seal making it leak proof.

Dimension (L x B x H) Case of
140X120X100mm 6 pcs
160X160X160mm 6 pcs
 KC/013  Spatula Dual Use
  R.M. P.P.

Dual usage helps to Chop Salt Crystalsfrom one end having sharp edge & spoon shape picks up salt from the other side.

Dimension (L x B x H) Case of
12 Pcs
200mm 12 Pcs


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