KC/037   Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tube
  R.M. PP

Strong & Tough like Polycarbonate but much more acid & base resistant can be used up to 50,000 X g in refrigerated or non refrigerated centrifuge,
are available with sealing Cap having Silicon ‘O’ Ring. Before autoclaving, just set the closure on top of the tube without engaging the threads. Its must to fill up
at least 80% of the capacity

Capacity in ml Case of
30ml 12 pcs
50ml 12 pcs
 KC/039   Sample Container
  R.M. PP

They are autoclavable & have screw Cap which makes it Leak Proof. It’s Ideal for carrying samples from one division to another in a lab.

Capacity in ml Case of
100mm 100 pcs



 KC/002   Urine/Sputum Containers
  R.M. PP

With built in seal making it leak proof.

Capacity in ml Case of
60ml 100 pcs
 KC/001   Cryo Rack
  R.M. P.C.

Self Locking system allows one to unscrew the Vials without picking them up. Autoclavable & holds 50 vials. Has alpha-numeric identification

Places Case of
50 vial of 1ml
1.8ml & 4.5ml
2 Pcs


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