KC/027   Pipette Pump
  R.M. ABS

This Fast release Pipetting gadget is for precise Pipetting & zoom quick Dispensing. The thumb control spins to pick up the liquid & the releaser may be pressed for zoom quick dispense. The Lower Part has silicon rubber grasp to hold various pipettes of standard sizes.

Capacity in ml Case of
2ml to 25ml 1 pcs
 KC/026   Buchner Funnel (with filter Plate)
  R.M. PP


Dimensions Case of
70mm 12 pcs
110mm 6 pcs



 KC/024   Float Rack
  R.M. PP

Racks are vital for Immunology & Microbiology Labs & can hold 16 Micro Centrifuge Tubes of 1.5ml for incubation in Water Bath.They are compact & Autoclavable

Places Case of
16 MCT of 1.5ml 12 Pcs
 KC/034   Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom
  R.M. PP

Strong & Tough like Polycarbonate but much more acid & base resistant can be used up to 50,000 X g in refrigerated or non refrigerated centrifuge, are available with Press type Cap. Its must to fill up at least 80% of the capacity

Capacity in ml Case of
16ml 24 Pcs
50ml 12 Pcs


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